We’re Back!

My apologies to anyone who had been looking for new posts from Salaams and Dap over the past few months. In addition to time constraints, I’ve had to figure out a way to alter the focus of the blog so that it does not duplicate what I’m trying to produce for my graduate thesis, yet still maintains its solid concentration on the Muslim-born Black American.

The focus of my thesis project has changed slightly. Instead of writing solely about the experience of my own Black American Muslim family, I’m now writing about a few Black American Muslim families who began their relationships with Islam at a particular Harlem mosque in the early 1970s, and including my own. A large part of my thesis project will deal with the second generation of Black American Muslims–the very people I turn my attention to here. (The other part will deal with their parents, but, for now, that’s another story).

So in subsequent blog posts, expect to hear me talking about my concerns, triumphs and failures in my attempt to put this manuscript together. It’s a big undertaking. But one that I’m committed to completing so please, follow my journey.


2 responses to “We’re Back!

  1. Looking forward to more, inshallah.

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